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How To Guarantee That Your Firewood is Dry


You know the frustration. It’s a blistering cold winter day and you want to sink yourself down in your favorite chair in front of a cozy fire to thaw your frozen bones. But you struggle to get your fire started. After several attempts, you get a small flame going but your wood is sizzling as moisture escapes. The fire hardly throws enough heat to thaw your nose out, never mind your bones!

This is the frustration of trying to work with firewood that is not dry. Wood is considered dry when it has a moisture content less than 20%. Burning wood with a high moisture content is inefficient. Wet wood will not throw as much heat as dry wood and will cause creosote to build up in your chimney at a higher rate than dry wood. This puts you at risk for chimney fires and will increase your costs associated with having your chimney cleaned. So burning dry wood is very important to you!

At Tyndall Firewood Supply our main mission is to provide our customers with high quality wood. Quality wood is solid and free of rot, cut to consistent length, and free of excessive debris. We endeavour to provide dry wood to our customers but can’t always do so due to high volume of sales or weather conditions. So how do you guarantee that your wood is dry enough to burn? Buy it early so you can store it and bring it to your desired moisture level!

We recommend to our customers to buy their firewood two to four months before you anticipate using it. This way you can store your wood and bring it to the moisture content ideal for your burning system. Other benefits to buying your firewood two to four months prior to use include ensuring you get your favourite species to burn, avoiding long waits for delivery during the busy season and having time to stack and store your wood before the cold hits. Winter can sometimes surprise us by coming early! So take control of your firewood drying and buy early!

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