Firpits & Accessories

Firepits & Accesories

Available for purchase in our store, our exclusive line of firepits and storage options are locally made from high-quality materials! 

NEW! 34" Fire Ring

$395 GST/PST included

This heavy duty fire ring is portable and built to last! Grill sold separately.

36" x 36" Deluxe Firepit with Chimney

$785 (includes GST/PST)

Wow the crowd with this big boy! The chimney funnels the smoke up and away from your guests!

NEW! 30" x 30" Firepit with Chimney

$635 (includes GST/PST)

A smaller version of our big firepit with chimney. 

36" Firepit

$285 (includes GST/PST)

The largest of our round-style firepits, this firepit is perfect to get a roaring fire going! A half grill is available for the top (sold separately).

24" Decorative Firepit Insert

$115 (includes GST/PST)

Comes in horse or fish motif. Fits inside the 24" firepit.

Fireplace Tool Set (Hand-forged by Cloverdale Forge)

$210 (includes GST/PST)

Set comes with broom, ash pan and poker. Two styles to choose from. Hanging hooks available (sold separately).

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Hand-forged iron by

Stoker Poker with handle

$52 (includes GST/PST)

Hand-forged iron by

Wine Glass Stake

$15 (includes GST/PST)

NEW! 32" Square Firepit

$475 GST/PST included

This firepit flares out at the top allowing for a small fire or a large fire. Grill sold separately.

Firewood Storage Rack (small shown)

We have two sizes of firewood storage rack.

Small $305 (includes GST/PST)

Large $345 (includes GST/PST)

36" Stainless Steel Half Grill

$120 (includes GST/PST)

This 36" half-grill comes with two handles and fits the 36" diametre Firepit or Fire Ring.

24" Firepit

$230 (includes GST/PST)

Stainless steel and decorative firepit insert available for this model (sold separately).

24" Stainless Steel Grill

$115 (includes GST/PST)

This stainless steel grill is great for cooking over the fire! Fits the 24" Firepit.

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Hand-forged iron by

Fire Poker (small ~25")

$45 (includes GST/PST)

Fire Poker (medium ~30") $54 (includes GST/PST)

Fire Poker (large ~40")

$56 (includes GST/PST)

Hand-forged iron by

Drink Bottle/Can Stake

$15 (includes GST/PST)

We also carry Chainsaw Carvings & Decorative Wood Art from local crafters! Stop in for a visit to see what is in stock!

Also stocking cooking accessories for the campfire!
Call 204-268-9630 to find out more!

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