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Our firewood is cut to 15 inch lengths. Prices are based on a Round Wood (RW) Cord. See Measuring Firewood for explanation. Delivery prices are 60 km from Tyndall. Extra distance charges apply beyond 60 km. Firewood prices include GST.
ASH | hardwood, approx. 22,500 BTU
ash firewood
Pick-Up $420 | Delivered*: 1 cord $515 2 cords $935, 3 cords $1,355

Ash is only second to oak in heat value at 22,500 BTU. Ash is easier to work with than oak, however. It produces a nice flame and those long-lasting coals for overnight heating. It is great for both woodstoves and fireplaces. 

BIRCH | hardwood, approx. 21,000 BTU
birch firewood
Pick-Up $450 | Delivered: 1 cord $545, 2 cords $995, 3 cords $1,445

Birch is the wood of choice for many fireplace enthusiasts with its easy-lighting bark, beautiful flame and pleasing scent. With a BTU of 21,000, birch offers a decent heat value as well. To make your heat last overnight, we recommend mixing birch with another hardwood like ash or oak. 

OAK | hardwood, approx. 27,000 BTU
oak firewood
Pick-Up $450 | Delivered: 1 cord $545, 2 cords $995, 3 cords $1,445

Oak tops the scales for heat production with a BTU of 27,000 to 30,000. It produces long-lasting coals making it ideal for closed stoves, fireplaces and overnight burns. Oak can be difficult to split and light and doesn’t produce much flame. We often recommend mixing it with softer species to get the best of both worlds. 

POPLAR | hardwood, approx. 18,000 BTU
poplar firewood
Pick-Up $325| Delivered: 1 cord $420, 2 cords $745, 3 cords $1,070

White poplar is our most economical choice. With 18,000 BTU, poplar is a great wood for the outdoor fire or perfect for mixing with hardwoods for the woodstove or fireplace. 

PINE | softwood, approx. 19,000 BTU
pine firewood
Pick-Up $325 | Delivered: 1 cord $420, 2 cords $745, 3 cords $1,070

Jack pine is perfect for relaxing by the backyard firepit or campfire. It is easy to split and light, has a nice scent, and is economical. It is also great for mixing in with hardwoods to make getting the fire going in your woodstove or fireplace much easier. Jack pine has a BTU of 19,000 making it a great heat source for the price. 

TAMARACK | softwood, approx. 24,000 BTU
tamarack firewood
Pick-Up $420 | Delivered: 1 cord $515, 2 cords $935, 3 cords $1,355

Although a softwood, tamarack is very dense and sure can throw a lot of heat with a BTU at 24,000. It also forms coals to make your fire last for the night. Tamarack is recommended for closed fireplaces and woodstoves as it can spark more than the other species. 

* Delivery charge within 60 km of Tyndall. Extra distance charge of $2.50/km outside of 60 km from Tyndall. Minimum one cord delivery within 60 km. Minimum two cord delivery outside of 60 km.

When picking up firewood we charge by the cubic foot. We can load you with the skid steer, or you can stack the wood in to get more in. We measure your truck box or trailer and charge by the cubic foot. See Pick-Up Price Table to estimate how much it will cost to fill your box or trailer.

Picking Up Firewood
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Wood Landscape Mulch (pick-up only)
Natural Wood Mulch
Brown Wood Mulch
Black Wood Mulch
Red Wood Mulch

Natural Wood Landscape Mulch

1.3 yard tote

$70 (PST/GST included)

Brown Wood Landscape Mulch

1.3 yard tote

$85 (PST/GST included) 

Black Wood Landscape Mulch

1.3 yard tote

$85 (PST/GST included) 

Red Wood Landscape Mulch

1.3 yard tote

$85 (PST/GST included)

Advantages of Landscape Mulch:
  • Retains moisture – less watering needed

  • Regulates soil temperature – healthier for roots

  • Adds nutrients to the soil as it decays - improving organic content of the soil

  • Suppresses weed growth

  • Aesthetically pleasing - looks and smells nice

Tote Bag Wood Mulch