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Firewood Facts

You work hard for your money and want to get the most out of your firewood purchase. See the articles below for our top tips on getting the most out of your firewood. To learn more, visit our Blog!
Measuring Firewood

An RW(roundwood) cord of cut & split firewood equals to approximately 100 cubic feet of cut & split firewood when stacked.

One cord of 8-foot (not cut & split) round wood will give you 85 to 105 cubic feet of tightly stacked cut & split firewood. We buy our wood in the 8-foot log form by the cord (128 cu ft) to process into cut & split wood for our customers. An RW cord (100 cu ft of cut & split) is the equivalent of a cord (128 cu ft of logs). 

When buying firewood on our yard (picked-up) we use cubic feet as a measurement. You can load as much wood as you want on your truck, trailer or vehicle. We will measure it and price it by the cubic foot. The price is based on the round wood (RW) cord price.

measuring firewood

1 cord = 128 cubic feet (measured in log form before splitting).

The Heat Value of Firewood

The "heat value" or energy content of wood is largely determined by the density of the wood. The heat value will determine how long the wood burns and how much heat the fire produces. Heat value is typically measured in British Thermal Units aka BTUs. A BTU is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The attached chart shows the BTU rating of several firewood species commonly found in Manitoba.

firewood BTU
How Dry Should Your Firewood Be?

To facilitate easy starting, prevent creosote build-up in your chimney and maximize the heat value potential of your wood species, you should burn wood that is dry or "seasoned". Fresh cut wood has a moisture content of around 50%. Moisture content of wood that is considered "seasoned" is 20% and under. See our Blog for more information on firewood seasoning.

firewood moisture content
Why Buy From A Licensed Firewood Dealer?

Tyndall Firewood Supply Ltd. is licensed by the Province of Manitoba to sell firewood. Our Timber Dealer License No. is 5074. What does this mean to you as our customer? We adhere to Best Management Practices laid out by Manitoba Conservation when harvesting wood Reforestation Dues are paid on all wood harvested on Crown Lands. This ensures that our forests are sustained for the future.

licensed firewood dealer
Proper Firewood Storage

You've spent your hard earned dollars on buying high quality firewood. How do you store your product to ensure it maintains its high quality? Here are a few tips:


Firewood stored on the ground will be exposed to moisture that will lead to rot. Stack wood on a concrete pad or in a woodshed if possible, or elevate it off the ground using pallets or wood skids.


Seasoned wood that is ready to burn will have a moisture content of 15-20%. When buying seasoned wood it is ideal to store where the rain cannot get on it. If wood is not totally seasoned, however, it is important to stack where the air can circulate around it and the sun can get on it to aid in seasoning.


It is a fact of nature that insects like to feed on dead wood and mice like to build their nests in wood piles. Wood can be stored close to the house for convenience sake, but beware of storing it too close to avoid introducing pests into your home. Again, store the stacked pile off the ground and keep grass mowed around the pile to deter mice from moving in. Mice will find a loose pile on the ground a more attractive home.

firewood storage shed
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